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Nature day camps return in 2024 with new locations

This image shows seven locations where nature day camps take place in 2024.


WILD Summer Nature Day Camps return in 2024 with more locations
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) brings back popular Summer Nature Day Camps with some added locations; WILD nature day camps are to take place at Rock Glen Conservation Area, Morrison Dam Conservation Area and five other sites

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) is bringing back Summer Nature Day Camps in 2024. This year there are even more sites throughout the watershed where  young people may attend the day camps.

There are WILD (Wonder, Investigate, Learn, Discover) day camps at:

  • Rock Glen Conservation Area and
  • Morrison Dam Conservation Area

There are also one-day camps at five other locations:

  • Warner Preserve in Grand Bend
  • Clinton Conservation Area
  • Lucan Conservation Area
  • Bannockburn Conservation Area (near Varna); and
  • Ausable River Cut Conservation Area (Port Franks).

Cassie Greidanus is ABCA Conservation Education Coordinator. She said the return of popular summer nature day camps is exciting. She said it’s also exciting that day camps will take place at seven different locations across the watershed.

“We are really excited to expand our current day camp offerings across the watershed this year,” she said. “After hearing feedback from kids, staff and guest speakers, we are doing what we can to offer the children of our watershed a chance to see areas they do not normally get the chance to see. This is all while learning, playing and creating memories they will never forget. We look forward to learning about topics such as: water, forests, habitats, invertebrates and all forms of wildlife,” she said.

The Summer Nature Day Camps take place in July and August. 

The first three camps are at Morrison Dam Conservation Area east of Exeter:

  • Week 1) July 8-12 for Ages 6-9; and
  • Week 2) July 15-19 for Ages 9-12.
  • Week 3) July 29 – August 2 for Ages 6-12

Week four of camps is at Rock Glen Conservation Area near Arkona:

  • Week 4) August 12-16 for Ages 6-12.

Day camps between August 19 and 23, for Ages 6-12, take place at five different locations. 

  • Day One (August 19), takes place at Warner Preserve in Grand Bend with the theme of Harmonious Habitats.
  • Day Two (August 20) takes place at Clinton Conservation Area with the theme Wonderful Water.
  • Day Three (August 21) is at Lucan Conservation Area with the theme Amazing Adaptations.
  • Day Four (August 22) is at Bannockburn Conservation Area (near Varna) with the theme Into the Woods.
  • Day Five (August 23) is at Ausable River Cut Conservation Area (Port Franks) with the theme Natural Curiosity.

To learn more visit the WILD Summer Nature Day Camps web page

To register for Summer Nature Day Camp click on the Google Forms link.

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