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More grants for Forest Management, Woodlots

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Huron Clean Water Project allocates more funding for water quality project categories including woodlot enhancement
Project partners encourage Huron County residents to take advantage of increased support, apply for projects through Huron Clean Water Project 

There are more grant funds available, in several grant categories of the Huron Clean Water Project, for projects by Huron County landowners. The Huron Clean Water Project (HCWP) project review committee has allocated more grant funds to the categories of Forest Management Plans and Woodlot Enhancement and Fragile Land Retirement.

“We encourage landowners in Huron County to apply for grants in these and other categories to further protect and improve local water quality,” said County of Huron Warden Glen McNeil. 

The County of Huron increased funding by $50,000, in 2022, for water quality projects for a total of $500,000 in available funds. “Huron County Council continues to make it a priority to support water quality improvement by our county residents and community groups,” said Warden McNeil. 

As well as the categories with increased funding allocations, there are more than a dozen other grant categories with grants available. To learn more about the Huron Clean Water Project visit:

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) and the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) deliver the Huron Clean Water Project program on behalf of the County of Huron. Nathan Schoelier is ABCA Stewardship and Lands Manager. He said the increased support for several grant categories implements recommendations from staff working on the ground with landowners.

“Tree planting projects, and good woodlot management practices are important stewardship projects to complete,” he said.

“The Huron Clean Water Project grant review committee approved these priorities and now we want to let landowners know we can provide more support in these important categories.” He said, in many cases, grants through Huron Clean Water Project can be combined with grants from other programs to help support landowners’ projects as much as possible.

Ben Van Dieten is MVCA Stewardship Projects Lead. He said staff are also looking to build upon the success of the Cover Crop Incentive category, and the large number of acres it benefits across the County, by inviting landowners to contact the conservation authority about supporting other soil health improvement projects. This may help to kick-start new efforts to reduce tillage and improve the soil health upon which we all rely, he said.

To apply for funding, or to learn more, call Maitland Conservation at 519-335-3557, extension 245, or Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority at 519-235-2610, extension 263.

Staff can help you to apply for grants and to make the process really simple, according to project spokespersons.

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