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Township of Warwick municipal profile

A photo of tree planting and environmental monitoring in the Township of Warwick area.


Stewardship in Warwick Township has positive downstream benefits for Rock Glen Falls, Ausable River, species at risk
Residents in Township of Warwick planting trees, properly disposing of household hazardous waste, enhancing wetlands, protecting water and soil

By Abbie Gutteridge, Chair, Ausable Bayfield Conservation 75th Anniversary Planning Committee 

Rock Glen Falls, located at Rock Glen Conservation Area in Arkona, Ontario, has always been an attraction to hikers, nature lovers and photographers. Rock Glen Falls feeds into the Ausable River, an important river system that provides habitat to several species at risk. Many people do not consider the origin of the Rock Glen Falls, however. Where does that water come from? The Hobbs-McKenzie Drain, along with several smaller drains, directly feed Rock Glen Falls. A portion of the drainage area lies north of Townsend Line but most of the watershed drainage area is located in the Township of Warwick.  

The positive stewardship actions taken in this watershed directly protect the quality of water at Rock Glen Falls. This positive work also protects species at risk found in the Lower Ausable River. Those species at risk include the Snuffbox; Northern Riffleshell; and Mapleleaf mussels.

In total, a little more than 17 square kilometres of Warwick Township fall into the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) watershed, while the majority contributes to the Bear Creek Headwaters; Brown Creek; as well as the Plympton Shoreline and Lambton Shores Tributaries in the St. Clair Region watershed.

Art Eastman lives and farms in Warwick Township. He is one of the landowners who does what he can to protect soil and water. For years, Mr. Eastman has planted trees and windbreaks on his property. “This is a windy area, so the main reason we plant the trees is to protect against wind erosion,” he said. He also noted it was good for wildlife in the area. In addition, he has established wetlands on his property.

Positive actions throughout the Township of Warwick include tree planting projects, streambank stabilization, and establishing and enhancing wetlands. All of these individual actions add up to benefits for water quality downstream.

The Township of Warwick is also proactive in making sure there are opportunities for residents to dispose of large waste items and electronics. In October, the township hosted its Annual Fall Cleanup, which allows township residents to take their large waste items and electronics to several depots, free of charge. By providing an easy way to dispose of these large items and electronics it protects creeks and rivers because it reduces the chance they might end up disposed improperly. Making it easy for residents to properly dispose of these items goes a long way towards keeping our watershed clean.

We have been lucky to work in close partnership with the residents of the Township of Warwick for 75 years and we look forward to many more years of protecting our water, soil, and habitat together.

– In 2021, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) is celebrating its 75th anniversary (1946-2021) and 75 Years of Conservation. ABCA is honouring its 12 member municipalities, during this anniversary year, for their partnership, over the past 75 years, which helps to protect life and property, water, soil, and habitat for all living things.

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STEWARDSHIP IN THE TOWNSHIP OF WARWICK HAS POSITIVE DOWNSTREAM BENEFITS – This photo collage shows tree planting and stewardship and water quality monitoring. Residents of the Township of Warwick have been practising stewardship over many decades. These positive actions help to protect downstream water quality and species in the Ausable River.A photo of tree planting, wetlands, monitoring in Township of Warwick.

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