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Cover Crops 101

Ross Wilson, of Ausable Bayfield Conservation, talks about service crops in new video.


Ross Wilson, MSC; PAg; CCA-ON; Water and Soils Resource Coordinator, Ausable Bayfield Conservation, talks about the many benefits of cover crops and 'service crops' in this new video.

The video is called Cover Crops 101: An introduction to the multiple benefits of cover crops.

Watch the video now:

Cover crops have many benefits to the landowner and the community.

Cover crops help to protect water quality and build soil health.

Cover crops help to reduce loss of nutrients and topsoil, reduce the amount and speed of water running off of land, and reduce wind speed at ground level which reduces wind and water erosion and the speed of water runoff.

Those are just some of the benefits.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation thanks all the agricultural producers and other rural landowners  adopting cover crops to help protect and improve soil health and water quality.

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