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New video about protecting groundwater sources

Join source protection committee member Jennette Walker, host of new groundwater video.


Groundwater model video shows how our aquifers work

The Ausable Bayfield Maitland Valley Source Protection Committee (SPC) has released its sixth video, in a recent series, to help provide answers to these questions.

Video host Jennette Walker, of Zurich, is an environment sector representative on the SPC. By using a groundwater model and colourful dyes she illustrates how aquifers work to provide us with drinking water. She also describes some of the common activities in our area that can cause contamination if not properly managed. These activities can include leaking underground fuel tanks, improperly applied manure and fertilizer, septic systems that aren’t regularly inspected, and abandoned wells or wells that are not properly sealed.

The new video is available at this link:

There have been more than 13,500 views of the first five videos in the series featuring representatives of the SPC. For all six videos in the series, visit the local source protection website at and click on the ‘video’ tab of to get to this page:

The committee asks you to make sure to check out videos from all of these local drinking water source protection influencers:

Matt Pearson, Chair of the SPC, said he is thrilled with the huge response the videos have had from the public.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had to think of another way to reach the people we represent,” he said. “Our committee members stepped up to the plate and offered their expertise to do videos that gave a behind-the-scenes look at many aspects of protecting our sources of drinking water in this region.”

The committee plans to release more videos in the next few months.

The new groundwater video, and the previous five videos in the series, are on the Ausable Bayfield YouTube channel here:

The videos are also on Facebook.

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