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Plant hope, this fall, with trees

Plant hope, plant a tree


Plant hope, this fall, with trees
By Kate Monk, ABCA Manager of Stewardship, Land and Education

The year 2020 hasn’t turned out the way anyone expected. The pandemic changed the way we behave and think and has changed our perspectives about what is important in our lives.

Despite the tough times communities and families have been through, they are looking to the future with hope: Hope that they can get together with family and friends soon. Hope that they will be back in their work places. Hope that the markets will recover. Hope that they can make up for lost revenue and business opportunities. 

One of the best ways for people to demonstrate hope is to plant a tree. It exhibits hope for the future and it will add a feature to your property that can be enjoyed for decades to come. People have been enjoying shade trees throughout this summer during their stay-cations. 

Springtime is the traditional time for tree planting but COVID-19 changed those plans for many people. Autumn is an ideal time to plant larger conifer and hardwood trees. 

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) is now taking fall orders. Species include a variety of Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Maple, Oak, and Tulip Tree. They range in size from 18 inches to five feet tall and are $17 to $25. 

The ABCA purchases the trees in bulk from nurseries and then sells to local landowners for projects that benefit water quality, soil health, and habitat for all living things. The trees are best suited for field windbreaks, shelterbelts around buildings, and buffers along streams and rivers. Plantings that prevent soil erosion and improve water quality could qualify for grants to help reduce the costs.

Landowners can pick up the trees at the Ausable Bayfield Conservation office east of Exeter around Thanksgiving or you can arrange, with ABCA, for staff to plant the trees.

People making tree orders can submit email, mail, and faxed orders until September 18, 2020. Orders accompanied by payment are accepted until September 30, 2020.

PHOTO AT TOP OF PAGE: Brody Schoelier, of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation tree planting crew, helps to improve local forest conditions by planting trees in this 2020 photo.

To find out more about fall tree orders visit the website at this webpage link: 

You may also phone 519-235-2610 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610 to find out more.

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