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How will we measure success?


  • Rate effectiveness of different kinds of best management practices
  • Assess effectiveness of programs to prevent erosion, sediment, water quality degradation
  • Assess how to best protect and restore natural areas damaged by erosion
  • Determine if ABCA Business Plan and other policy documents reflect recommendations of new Conservation Strategy


  • Water quality indicators such as pathogens and benthics
  • Ensure buffer areas are effectively maintained
  • Establish:
    • Baseline data for forest conditions, water quality, water quantity
    • Targets for water quality, forest cover
  • Observe:
    • Changes in forest conditions, water quality and quantity
    • Impacts of climate change


  • Continue water sampling with sufficient frequency and detail to detect changes
  • Assess barriers that discourage landowners from starting projects
  • Identify incentives that encourage landowners to pursue projects
  • Investigate opportunities for carbon credit generation


  • Watershed Report Cards
  • ABCA climate change actions and knowledge