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Conservation Strategy

Our Goal

We want to work with you to create awareness and take action to improve watersheds for healthier communities and healthier people.


What is a Conservation Strategy?

A conservation strategy is developed by people from the watershed community to define the vision, mission, and goals of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. A diverse community group of 34 contributors participated in meetings in 2010 and 2011. Their work has resulted in  The Path Forward: Your Community Conservation Strategy for Ausable Bayfield Watersheds  (see and download full PDF below) .
This plan will guide the direction of the local organization's board of directors and staff in the coming decades. Explore the details of our Conservation Strategy by clicking on the Circle graphic below or using the menu to the right.

cover of the document

 You can also download the PDF version here.



The Watershed Management Strategy 2015-2025 was created as one of the tools providing detailed strategic direction about how the Conservation Strategy could be implemented. The Watershed Management Strategy is available at this link: Watershed Management Strategy

Interactive Conservation Strategy Healthy Watersheds Circle

The circle diagram below is your community's vision of how to create a healthy watershed. Click on the words inside the circle (Evaluate, Educate, Research, Monitor, Implement, Creating Awareness, Taking Action) to find out more about each way we can create healthier communities and healthier people: